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1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0

English Theatre Spooked

On February 27th the students of 2ABCD and 3ABCD went to see an English play performed by actors of the “English Theatre”. The play was called “Spooked” and it is modern adaptation of the Oscar Wilde’s famous short story “The Canterville Ghost”.

Here’s what some of our students wrote about the play:

“It was really funny and they had very good ideas. It was really surprising. It was better than last year and I had to laugh a lot.“ (Mateja)

“My favourite character in this play was the boy called Washington because he said very funny things…It was great fun when they tried to read sentences in German because it sounded funny.” (Zoha)

“It was better than last year, but predictable. I always knew what is going to happen next. But there were funny parts too. My friends laughed very much so I got earache.“

“I was surprised that it was so good because I thought it will be boring. The actors were funny.“ (Miki)

“Washington was the funniest character, but I liked Virginia more. It was also funny when Sir Simon de Canterville tried to be spooky and Mrs Otis could not see him.”