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1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0

Report about the English Theatre

TheaterOn the 9th of January we and some other classes visited the English Theatre and saw the play „Dance Class“. Before the show began, three of the four actors came to us and talked with us. They asked us questions about our hobbies and if we were interested in dancing. We really liked their British accent.
The play is about four teens named Tree, Liz, Gavin and Julie, who have problems at school and with their parents. They start dancing together and become good friends.
The atmosphere at the theatre was relaxed. Everybode had fun and enjoyed it. Moreover, it was really easy to understand everything. And as the play ended, some pupils could go to the actors, talk to them and take some pictures. We really liked it and we are looking forward to next year´s play.

In the Picture above you can see Klaudia Louka (5B) with „Tree“, „Julie“ and „Gavin“.

Victoria Kamenik and Djellza Ballabani (5B)