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1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0

Climate Action Day: 2B at NHM

Marine habitat – Lebensraum Meer

On Monday, November 4th 2019 the class 2B went to the Museum of Natural History with Ms. Şeker and Ms. Bannholzer as part of Erlgasse’s Climate Action Day. The topic was the world’s oceans and their pollution.
Before we went to the museum, we watched a few videos in English about the environmental pollution. One of these videos showed a man in Cornwall, England. Every morning he cleans the litter on the beach with his wife and children. As he was concerned about the plastic pollution, he went to several specialists to learn something about plastic. This man even traveled to the country where a lot of plastic is being thrown into the ocean: India. There he talked to some people who live near the river with a lot of plastic pollution and others who are thinking about how to change the whole situation. When he went back to Cornwall, he organized an event for the residents of his town to come and clean the local beach.
After the videos, we started making posters with messages which should motivate us all not to throw so much garbage in the oceans. Then we finally went to the museum. We had a nice guide named Alice who showed us the museum. She told us that many years ago on the place where Vienna is now, there was a big sea, the Sarmatian Sea. She showed us some shells that were left from the sea and a tooth of a very big prehistoric shark named Megalodon. Later we could touch Megalodon’s tooth. We saw many animals that live in the ocean now, including the biggest shell in the world. We discussed how people pollute the ocean and how plastic pollution impacts life in the ocean. This is why it is so important that each one of us makes an effort to protect the environment and recycle the plastic.

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