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Our visit to the Banksy-exhibition in Graz

On Thursday, May 5th, we, the 6A and a part of the 6B went to Graz with Mrs. Gassner and Mrs. Baumann. We visited the Banksy exhibition. We had previously discussed the topic of graffiti in our English class and that’s why we decided to go to an exhibition of one of the most famous graffiti sprayers in the world. Banksy is not only world famous but also anonymous. Nobody knows his true identity, which makes the exhibition even more special. After the exhibition we took a short break in the city centre and then walked up the Schlossberg. There we visited the clock tower of Graz and took some nice pictures. The view from there was indescribably beautiful. Our classes really enjoyed going on an excursion again after such a long time!

Parmida Khorassantchi, 6A