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1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0

School Tours: English Theater


On Wednesday 19th February, all sixth and seventh graders of Erlgasse went to the English theatre to watch the play “Spooked”. The play is a modern version of Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost”.
The play is about Lord Canterville and he lives at Canterville Hall. His family has been living there for more than 600 years, but the man can’t pay his bills anymore and so he must sell his old mansion to Mrs Otis. The single mom and real estate agent Mrs Otis comes to Canterville Hall with her two kids, Washington and Virginia, because she wants to demolish it and build new and modern houses. But there is one problem: Canterville Hall is haunted by a ridiculous ghost, Sir Simon, who has got a dark and mysterious secret.
Can the American family help the cursed ghost?
Can Lord Canterville stay at his house?
…. and can Washington give up his video game addiction?

Faris: “The Scottish relative of Lord Canterville was the best character!”

Mario: “I really enjoyed the play! My favourite character was Washington because he was very funny. His cool dance moves were the best part of the play!”

Tina: “I loved the play because it was funny and the actors were amazing! I was impressed that only four actors can play more than 10 different characters on stage!”

Ismail: “My favourite character was the Canterville ghost, who was scared of everything.”

Jakub: “My favourite scene was when Washington gave the ghost tips to be creepier!”

Marko: “The funniest scene was when Washington begged his sister to let him play Fortnite on her mobile for just an hour.”

Esila: “I loved the scene when Washington wore a Killer Clown mask and frightened his sister. The mask was really creepy!”

Aylin: “The best part of the play was when the actors asked children from the audience to go on stage to help them solve the German riddle!”

Class 2E