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The dare

On June 24th, 2021, our English Elective Subject of nine students and Mrs. Gassner visited an Australian pub as a reward for working hard throughout the year. The location was hidden next to the Albertina. There, we had the pleasure to eat some crunchy insects, such as mealworms and grasshoppers. It turned out to be a test of courage and we had to overcome our fear and disgust towards these highly interesting snacks. The myth of mealworms tasting like peanuts turned out to be wrong for most of the electives. For the others it tasted like nothing and to our surprise, Mrs. Gassner said, “It kind of tastes like popcorn to me!” Unfortunately, not everybody dared eating the grasshoppers that were only crunchy and not tasty at all. In the end, it started pouring and we had to run to the underground. As you can image, we were soaking wet, but it was definitely a unique experience.
What about you? Would you dare eating a bug?

Miriam, Ecem and Blanka, 7A