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1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0

Our visit to the English Theatre

After watching the theatre play “Virgins“, I had a few thoughts. I thought that the actors and actresses did an amazing job even though they were only four people on stage in total and I thought a lot about the topic which was tackled in this performance.
The play is about the consequences of having unprotected sex. One of the main characters named Jack gets a sexually transmitted infection after having sex with a girl at a party and due to drug abuse forgetting to use protection. His little mistake that carries big consequences is the cause of a myriad of drama for his whole family.
It is truly amazing how this play does not only entertain the audience but also teaches important life lessons. Watching the characters go through so much hardship only makes you want to be more cautious when it comes to STDs as well as how to react if something still does happen to you or a friend. I believe that a lot of us went home with new knowledge that could help us make our lives more pleasant.

Monika Gugel, 7B