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English theatre – Hamlet

CC – Wikimedia

Our class and several other upper classes had the pleasure to see a renewed version of the play “Hamlet” on 21st December, which was the last day of school before the winter holidays started. We were accompanied by Ms. Şeker and some other teachers. After we had taken our seats, the lights went out and the play was about to start. When the curtains opened, we were able to get our very first impressions of what later would seem to be a masterpiece.

CC – Wikimedia

The content was similar to the Shakespearean version of “Hamlet”, but it was simplified and adjusted to the present time, thus much easier to understand.
As we do not want to take the joy of reading or watching this interesting piece of art away from you, we are not referring to the details of what happens. What we can tell you is that Hamlet mourns the death of his beloved father and decides to unmask the murderer through a play, which turns out to be successful. He learns that the killer is his own uncle Claudius. Subsequently everybody’s urge to take revenge increases and Claudius tries to poison Hamlet, however his mother ends up drinking the poison and dies. In the end, Hamlet gets killed in a duel. To make a long story short, the play deals with the banality of vengeance itself and all the tragedies that come along with it. So, the message of the story is: Try to solve your problems in a diplomatic way! 😉
All in all, we are convinced everybody enjoyed the attendance at the theatre, as it was a welcome change from only reading Shakespeare’s creations in class as well as a nice start into the eagerly awaited holidays. Besides we hope that next year’s visit to the theatre will be as good as this one was.

Michael and Jasmina, 7B