Bundesgymnasium und Realgymnasium Erlgasse 1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0
1120 Wien, Erlgasse 32-34, 01/813 91 82 – 0

Visit to the English Theatre

On March 14th, all year 6+7 students went to see the play “Virtual Heroes”. This play is about two students Rita and Kevin, who don’t like one another at first but get to know each other in an online game called “Fantasycraft”. There they are the hero and heroine that they are not (yet) in real life. Their avatars Sapphire and Byron teach them to be confident and fearless, and of course, they fall in love with one another. One of our students, Denisa, was even asked on stage and had to translate a German letter into English. She did a phantastic job and we are all very proud of her.
This is what some 2B-students said about the show:
Aleksandar: I liked Byron Tombs, he looked like Indiana Jones.
Julian: I think they should have kissed more and for longer.
Esther: Rita’s password was changed: In the book, her password was SexyBabe, but on stage it was girlpower1234.
Laticia: I really liked the songs. The two girls sang very well.
Ronja: I liked the way the two thieves were portrayed. Bent and Crouch looked so cool.
Deniz: I thought it was cool that four actors played all the roles.
Hana: The fighting scenes were funny.
Sarah: I liked the scene best where the teacher became a dog.
Rita: The scene with the banana was funny.