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In Coronazeiten muss man einfallsreich sein

Der Arbeitsauftrag für die 7A in Englisch lautete:

„Make a Video Tutorial (5-7 mins) on something you‘d like to teach us. It should be practical. (e.g. how to use a certain computer programme, how to knit, how to cut fruit trees,….) It should be something that can come in handy one day and it should be something most of us cannot do. The aim of this video is that you look up and teach us topic specific vocabulary and that you really EXPLAIN how to do it. There should be a LOT of talking in your video.“ Weiterlesen

Messages of hope

This school year has for sure been one of the most challenging years for many of us. One of the toughest tasks is to deal with a sudden change in the way we are used to learn. Suddenly, all communication is online.
I, for my part, am truly amazed to see how many hidden talents pupils show during home schooling and how resilient young people are. Here are some thoughts from our Year 7 on the current situation. Their texts are true messages of hope – in many ways. Weiterlesen

School Tours: English Theater


On Wednesday 19th February, all sixth and seventh graders of Erlgasse went to the English theatre to watch the play “Spooked”. The play is a modern version of Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost”.
The play is about Lord Canterville and he lives at Canterville Hall. His family has been living there for more than 600 years, but the man can’t pay his bills anymore and so he must sell his old mansion to Mrs Otis. The single mom and real estate agent Mrs Otis comes to Canterville Hall with her two kids, Washington and Virginia, because she wants to demolish it and build new and modern houses. Weiterlesen


From the 14th to the 20th of October the 7th grade explored Malta. Tuesday to Friday from 9 to 12 we attended a language school in Sliema, where we also lived with our host families. Not only studying was on our schedule, but also a lot of fun activites throughout the afternoons, where we got to know the Maltese life on a daily basis. Weiterlesen