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U.S. embassy visit 4B

On April 11th, the class 4B was given the chance to visit the U.S. American Embassy in Vienna and to listen to a talk held by one of the Embassy’s diplomats. Before we got into the highly secured and luxurious building, all of us, including the teachers Ms Breitfuß and Ms Gassner had to go through a strict security check. There we had to show our identity cards and our bags and jackets were checked. Weiterlesen

„I love acting. It is so much more real than life.“ – Oscar Wilde

On the 25th of February, Ms Seker, some other students from 7B and we spent our free time watching the play The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, which was being mounted in Don Bosco Haus. The most interesting aspect of the production was that it was performed solely by local students who rehearse regularly and act on an amateur basis, as they are members of the English Drama Club. Weiterlesen

English theatre – Hamlet

CC – Wikimedia

Our class and several other upper classes had the pleasure to see a renewed version of the play “Hamlet” on 21st December, which was the last day of school before the winter holidays started. We were accompanied by Ms. Şeker and some other teachers. After we had taken our seats, the lights went out and the play was about to start. When the curtains opened, we were able to get our very first impressions of what later would seem to be a masterpiece. Weiterlesen

„Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! – All hail Macbeth!”

Die 7A im Burgtheater

Nachdem im Dezember Shakespeares „Hamlet“ behandelt wurde und die SchülerInnen der 7A sich sehr interessiert an Shakespeares Dramen zeigten, beschlossen wir, unsere Kenntnisse zu vertiefen und auch „Macbeth“ im Unterricht zu thematisieren. Ergänzend dazu besuchten wir am 22. Jänner die Aufführung des Dramas im Burgtheater, auch wenn wir lediglich Plätze hoch oben auf der Galerie ergattern konnten. Weiterlesen