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Travelling and the Covid-pandemic: two things that don’t go together

In our English lessons this year, we have taken trips to Ireland, New York and Australia. These journeys, however, only took place in our minds.
So, until we manage to visit some destinations ourselves, the students of 4C wrote about their favourite journeys – some of them really took place, others were only dreamt of!

I would like to go to Wilsons Promontory National Park with my friend.
It’s a national park in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, located about 157 kilometres southeast of Melbourne. I did research on this park.
There you can see the Little Waterloo Bay with its sandy beaches. That would put me in a good mood as it is a fabulous walking area. You must see this amazing park with its stunning boulders and beaches. There you also can see some kangaroos and they are so cute.
Not far from Wilsons Promontory National Park, there is a restaurant. The visitors who left feedback on this also said that the food tastes very good there. I read about it online on their site.
I hope that one day, after the pandemic is over, I will visit Wilson’s Promontory National Park.

Phenicia and Julia:
I spent my dream holiday in Royal National Park in Australia, because we had presentations about it and it seemed promising and well worth visiting.
When we got there, we immediately started to explore the national park. At first, my friend and I watched birds, because there are over 300 bird species, and we also took a lot of pictures. Then we went to the beach and enjoyed the sun. After that we borrowed bikes and rode on cycling trails. Our next stop was the cliffs. There we had an amazing view. Because of all the sports we did, we got hungry and had a barbecue at the barbecue area. We watched the sunset too and looked at the pictures we took this day. It was a really successful day.

Lara and Nikola:
The best school trip
This year was terrible for us. No school trips, no private trips with the family, no swimming in public pools. And all that because of the corona pandemic.
We really miss the school trips with our class. One of the best school trips was in year 6 when we went to the Hietzinger public pool with Mr Kartusch. The best thing was the water slide but the pool itself is also quite big. The highlight of the trip was when our friends and we buried a classmate in the sand. It was really awesome, and we had lots of fun.
Sadly, this year we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. It’s really a shame because most of us are going to attend other schools next year.

Mladen and Danilo:
This year it was very difficult to travel. For many people it could be just a dream, but for me it was a real dream.
Yesterday I had a strange dream. I was dreaming that my family and I were at the airport and checking in to the flight to Australia. Although it was only a dream, it felt quite real, I could even feel the turbulences.
After the long flight, we arrived at Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney. I was continuously shocked because nobody was wearing masks, I could not believe it. So, I asked my mother what year it was. After she answered that we are in the year 2020. Then she wanted me to drink some water, because she thought that I was not well, but I was, I just felt like a visitor from the future like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.
Suddenly our taxi arrived to pick us up and drive us to the hotel. During the drive I realised that apparently there was no pandemic and that meant that I could do all the activities I wanted to do, but I couldn’t because of the lockdown in Austria.
First of all, I wanted to play soccer and do many other types of sport. I got used to my surroundings until I suddenly heard a bell ring more and more loudly. I turned around and wanted to know where the noise was coming from. Then I opened my eyes and saw my cell phone in front of me. I was late for the English lesson and my English teacher was already calling me on Teams. I was very sad that I could not finish my dream.

I was in Trieste, which is in Italy, in the summer of 2020. I drove there with my family to spend 3 days there. Driving by car was actually very normal and we were able to cross the border without any problems. My family and I slept in a hotel near the old town. The hotel was rather empty, as very few people were travelling. We swam in the sea, visited the old town and the aqueducts in the city. My mother noticed that the city is much less crowded than usual, because she had already been there before. We always had to wear a mask in the shops, which was quite new at the time. But of course, we tried to avoid going into tight spaces with many people. The vacation was really nice because it was a change from being at home for just a few hours.

Nici and Daniel:
After school I lay down on my bed and fell asleep. I dreamed that I was in Australia. In my dream I was in Port Campell National Park, it was great there. I was standing on a cliff and jumped down into the water. The view was breath-taking and I felt really excited. After that I was swimming there and all of a sudden, I saw a shark in the water.
Suddenly I woke up, being completely frightened. Later that evening when I fell asleep again, I dreamed of Ireland. I was in an old prison. The story of the prison is rather exciting. We were given the old escape routes that serious criminals used for breaking out. The next morning, I wondered why I dreamed of it. Probably because we had presentation about it a short time ago.